Race to Lead: Confronting the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap

In this article, authors Sean Thomas-Breitfeld and Frances Kunreuther explain the results of their Nonprofits, Leadership, and Race Survey. This survey was released to understand the causes of racial disparities in nonprofit leadership and the reasons why these disparities have remained despite increased focus on training people of color in the nonprofit sector. Based on the responses of over 4,000 participants, Thomas-Breitfeld and Kunreuther identified negligible differences between the education, preparation, and aspirations of white and people of color respondents.
However, they observed that the POC respondents were much more likely to report that their race negatively affects them. They reported biases in the form of perceived inability to lead, needing more qualifications to justify themselves, exclusion from social circles, microaggressions, stress of needing to represent a community, etc.
These differences point to larger, systemic issues that current, individualistic training programs are not suited to address.

Race, LeadershipSarah Grausz