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As part of our mission to spread diversity and inclusion, we believe that everyone should have access to information and resources to learn how they can make their companies more inclusive. We have created a curated list of articles, blog posts, and tools that we think will be helpful for people learning about D&I for the first time and experts trying to keep up with the field (give framework for who will benefit from this page).



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Women in the Workplace

Women are starkly underrepresented in leadership positions across all industries. This under-representation only increases as one advances along the corporate pipeline. In conjunction with being tapped for promotion less frequently, women go out of their way to request promotions or raises are labeled "bossy" and isolated socially from their workplace. As with the other articles, those in the hegemony (white males) think that the problem is not nearly as bad as it is. Companies that have a stronger female presence in upper management perform a lot better than those that do not.