Accelerate diversity, inclusion & impact in your organization

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We work with partners to achieve their full potential by creating an inclusive and equitable workplace culture where all staff feel empowered, safe, passionate, and connected. We strengthen teams of change-makers through proven diversity and inclusion methods tailored to the realities of working in the global development and social impact sector. 


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Connect diversity, inclusion & impact. We work with mission-driven and impact-focused organizations with a focus on maximizing the change they make in the world.

Align strengths with values. We draw on the strengths within your organization, and then align these with your core values. Alignment creates fulfillment and openness to change.

Engage 3 levels of system. Shifting culture requires working at the organizational level on policies and structure; at the team level on communications and processes; and at the individual level to help each staff member feel empowered to contribute.

How we partner with you

Our experts partner with you to align your people, processes and systems to increase diversity, inclusion and equity. Engagements are customizable to your specific needs, budget and the operating context.

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Align. In collaboration, we design a program of work that is practical, tailored, and appropriate to the current needs of your system.

Understand. We conduct a culture and diversity audit, interviews, and other data collection.  We help sensitize key stakeholders and staff to the D&I journey through introductory conversations and workshops.  We employ relevant modules from Quantum Impact’s Smart Development Series© using real world examples from the industry. We mitigate challenges by communicating expectations and using feedback loops to engage those affected in the change process.

Enable. We recommend inclusive policies and facilitate off-sites to agree on strategic plans and resourcing of D&I initiatives. We support systems reviews and redesigns, individual and team coaching, new tools development, mentor-mentee matching, and serve as external ombudspersons. We collect employee feedback data and adjust approaches where needed. We expect to begin to see positive changes reported by those impacted by this time.

Empower. We support monitoring of revised policies and feedback loops, and provide continuous guidance to leaders, teams and staff as they evolve their inclusive leadership practices. We expect to see our clients in this phase attracting more diverse talent to their organization, and enjoying a more inclusive workplace culture. We remain available as external ombudspersons, coaches, and resources.

We help you reach your goals


Each partner we work with has a unique set of experiences and an organizational culture that merits a different set of supports. We collect rigorous amounts of data to identify barriers, leverage your team’s strengths, and design strategies that produce measurable impact. Sample challenges and support we offer are depicted here. 


Increase broad diversity 

  • Design D&I statement of intent

  • Facilitate off-site executive leadership and board members on D&I topics (implicit bias, inclusive leadership, growth mindset)

  • Amend board recruitment policies and resources

  • Survey board members and senior staff


Design an Organizational D&I Strategy

  • Focus groups and surveys of leadership and staff
  • Hold off-site with leadership team and representative D&I steering committee to blueprint the strategy and budget 
  • Refine strategy language and define metrics with leadership
  • Release draft strategy, seek employee feedback, finalize
  • Collaboratively design action plan for implementation

Retain and promote talented women minority groups

  • Set targets and conduct initial review of promotion and hiring process
  • Design adjustments to performance review, promotion and external talent search systems 
  • Provide coaching for future female and minority executives 
  • Beta test and collect feedback from staff and management 
  • Pilot new system at the organization level and adjust based on continuous feedback 

Our leadership team


Farah Mahesri

Co-founded Quantum Impact fueled by her interest in aid effectiveness and using strengths-based management to create quantum shifts within systems. Farah worked as a business development director at Chemonics International, as the director of reading programs at Worldreader, as a curriculum designer and trainer, and as an independent advisor to small and large organizations on strategic planning and growth and diversification strategies. She has also served on the board and as an advisor for several start-up NGOs and social enterprises. Farah has an M.A. in Conflict Resolution and International Law from George Washington University. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

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Sarah Grausz

Co-founded Quantum Impact driven by a passion for process, and empowering diverse teams to create social impact. Sarah graduated with a Master’s of Science in Organization Development from American University, and is a certified Core Energy Leadership coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She has led the design, implementation, and assessment of large-scale USAID-funded development programs in more than 15 different countries. She previously worked as a director of the Education & Youth Practice at Chemonics International and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.