About Us


Mission and Vision

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Quantum Impact is a new non-profit organization on a mission to help globally-focused organizations build the most diverse and inclusive teams possible. Why? Because evidence shows that more diverse and inclusive teams are also more productive. Productive teams can in turn create more social impact on a global scale.

We share evidence and research to raise awareness about the impact of unconscious bias on the way we work, and the value of diversity and inclusion for society.

We also partner directly with clients to develop practical tools and resources that leaders and staff can learn to apply in their offices to create safe spaces where all staff thrive because of their gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and neurodiverse qualities.


Our audience includes individuals and organizations whose work contributes to social progress and more equitable societies globally. We partner with foundations, social enterprises, non-profits, donors and innovators to advance a common goal of creating more equitable workplaces.

By making teams more diverse and inclusive, Quantum Impact enables organizations to be more effective.


How We Got Started

Sarah and Farah launched Quantum Impact because we fundamentally believe in engaging a truly representative workforce to tackle our society's most intractable challenges. In the combined 30 years that we have worked in the international social impact sector, we have seen global monetary investments increase to help solve critical health challenges, enable access to quality education, and prevent human rights abuses around the world. Yet, we have not seen a commensurate return on those investments. Failed development interventions continue to repeat the mistakes of the past. 

At the same time, women and persons of color continue to be marginalized from this work, particularly at leadership levels. Our 2018 state of the industry report found that less than one third of organizations in our field have gender-balanced leadership teams, and one half of organizations have no persons of color represented in leadership at all. 

A paradigm shift is needed: more diversity, creativity, and equity in how global social impact interventions are designed, financed, and delivered.

Quantum Impact came into being to overcome bias in recruitment and promotions, empower diverse teams to tap into their full potential, and drive research to link diversity and inclusion with increased social progress. Through a series of quantum changes, we can work together to realize real returns.

Meet our Team


Farah Mahesri, co-founder

Farah co-founded Quantum Impact fueled by her interest in aid effectiveness and using strengths-based management to create quantum shifts within systems. Farah worked as a business development director at Chemonics International, as the director of reading programs at Worldreader, as a curriculum designer and trainer, and as an independent advisor to small and large organizations on strategic planning and growth and diversification strategies. She has also served on the board and as an advisor for several start-up NGOs and social enterprises. Farah has an M.A. in Conflict Resolution and International Law from George Washington University.


Sarah Grausz, co-founder

Sarah co-founded Quantum Impact driven by a passion for designing empowering change processes, and enabling high performing teams to create even greater social impact. She previously worked as a director of the Education & Youth Practice at Chemonics International, where she carried out design, implementation, and assessment of large-scale USAID-funded development programs in more than 15 different countries. Sarah graduated with a Master’s of Science in Organization Development from American University, and is a certified Core Energy Leadership coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.


Yvonne Chen, Communications and Fundraising

Yvonne supports Quantum Impact's communications and fundraising activities, and is a contributing writer and editor. She led business development efforts at a country office of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation for almost two years, where she grew catalytic funding to help increase the scale and impact of SNV's inclusive business, agriculture and climate change models. As a business development professional her work included managing relationships with donors, partners and governments to successfully secure funding from bilateral/multilateral donors and foundations. 


Otto Altman, Research

Otto is a Sophomore, studying international relations and philosophy at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Growing up as a first generation American in Boston, MA, Otto has long been interested in the international sphere, and has been lucky enough to travel to his parent’s homelands of Germany and Brazil on several occasions. To further connect to his cultures, Otto worked as a TA for a German school, and co-produced a TED-x event which focused on diversity within education. Upon moving to Los Angeles, he developed a passion for moral and ethical philosophy, and is now focusing on uniting his interests by researching ethics and international development for Quantum Impact.

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Jared Yamasaki, Research

Jared Yamasaki is a junior at USC studying Neuroscience with minors in Applied Cyber Security and Nonprofits, Philanthropy and Volunteerism. He is committed to creating social impact through cross-cultural mentorship in USC Troy Camp, pro bono consulting in Los Angeles Community Impact, and teaching under-served students in Freedom Schools. He is interested in studying the intersection of neuroscience and diversity and learning effective methods of teaching social and cultural differences from the psychological standpoint